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23 Ridiculous Sights People Bumped Into on the Road

We spend hours a day traveling to our next destination. The car has become a second home for so many of us. Look around, maybe it’s about time you met your “neighbors”. There are so many interesting things going on on the road!

Bright Side collected some hilarious sights you can enjoy without ever having to leave your car.

1. There’s so much going on here!

2. “Give me a sign.”

3. That’s a big teddy.

4. “ELI5 this to me.”

5. Just a regular motorcyclist in South Africa

6. -“Do you need to rent a trailer as well?”

-“Naw, just throw in some tie-downs, we’ll manage!”

7. “Just a guy driving his bucks across NJ in his convertible”

8. 2 motorcycle riders ignoring helmet laws

9. “My son was pulled over.”

10. Stay away!

11. This was on top of someone’s car.

12. “Pulled up to get fuel, saw this...”

13. Heading to the sea

14. “Let’s just have the meeting on our way there...”

15. Next level “mattress-on-top-of-car” game

16. Well, at least they both are wearing helmets.

17. “I’m stuck in a traffic jam...yeah...bears are fighting again.”

18. “Forward to the past!”

19. “Most amusing family stickers I’ve seen!”

20. “I wouldn’t dare to steal it.”

21. “Baby van following its momma.”

22. “Cool fur, bro.”

23. When you’re bored:

What was your longest car trip? Have you ever seen anything exciting on one? Share it with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit yo_mamma32 / Reddit, Unknown / Imgur
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