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23 Ridiculous Sights That Might Make You Cringe (Advice: Try Not to Look at Them in Public)

In your daily commute or when traveling from one place to another, you might have seen some people doing insane things. For instance, eating a whole lot of burgers simultaneously or performing a crazy stunt. Some of them are hilarious, while others are just ridiculously weird.

Here at Bright Side, we have decided to bring some ridiculousness to you from all over the internet. We’ve put together some of the most absurd clicks ever on the web.

1. Go home truck, you’re drunk.

2. I’m half Groot.

3. India: a very unsafe place for your flip-flops.

4. 101 ways to break your jaw

5. Q: What’s your worst nightmare?

6. The hot chick concept taken to a whole new level:

7. This is how British people eat a banana. So refined...

8. Nic Cage retired after this one.

9. Presenting DJ Trash Metal

10. So, the next time your child asks where... oh never mind.

11. I don’t even want an explanation for this one.

12. Houston’s parents are dope.

13. On a scale from 1 to “I’d wear it to work,” how much do you love meat?

14. This is how to do photoshop without actually doing it.

15. She: I like boys who can cook.
Me: Say no more.

16. Crush: I’ll pick up some chick in high heels tonight.

17. And that’s how you turn an Apple into beans:

18. Don’t ask us why.

19. Mom asked me to make breakfast. I nailed it, like literally.

20. How to know if you’ve made it big as a taxi driver:

21. “Had to explain to my grandmother that a USB stick doesn’t need to be charged.”

22. Delete it.

23. Shortcut to 8 packs

Wasn’t that an absurdly hilarious collection of pics? We know you can’t ever unsee some of them. If you enjoyed them, feel free to share this with friends.

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