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23 Silly Everyday Mistakes Perfectly Caught on Camera (Spoiler: Someone’s Job Might Be at Risk)

The famous Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, was known to have said, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” There is no living and learning without mistakes and very often they are also a good reason to laugh. Look around and you will see dozens of silly and hilarious mistakes people make without even noticing them.

Bright Side has collected some funny shots depicting silly mistakes people make in everyday life. Will you recognize the moments of your own life in any of these shots?

1. Too much wax

2. These labels are just confusing.

3. So close, yet so far.

4. What a surprise!

5. This kitty looks pretty much like a puppy.

6. Thanks for warning me.

7. No problem

8. One of these labels is lying.

9. What is happening here?

10. Don’t leave your kitchen utensils in hot frying pans.

11. What do I do?

12. “I give up.”

13. Looks like sliced bread to me.

14. Meanwhile in a parallel universe.

15. I wonder what happens when the driver hits the brakes.

16. Bolognese ice cream, anyone?

17. Probably not the best place to put that toy.

18. When the TV feels embarassed:

19. Levitation miracle

20. “When you realize the pan was far too small for the amount of cake mix.”

21. As clear as...milk.

22. Don’t!

23. I wonder if anyone was brave enough to eat this cake.

Have you ever observed someone making such funny mistakes? Or maybe you were the one to make them? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!

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