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23 Situations Anyone Who Is Extremely Tired Can Understand

The truth is that it’s extremely difficult to be able to do all the necessary things in the modern world and get enough sleep, simultaneously. So, it’s not surprising that some of these tired people will use any opportunity to take a small break and have a little rest.

Bright Side found 23 photos showing the power of sleepiness. After you see them you might say, “I know that feeling!” Our bonus at the end of the article will show you that doctors get tired too.

“I just got this picture in a text from my husband’s phone. He’s the one sleeping. I don’t know that other guy.”

So sleepy? Why not sleep on a stranger’s shoulder?

Monday morning feels

My weekend plans

“This guy was sitting in front of me on the metro. He’s definitely not a morning person.”

The typical morning of a student

“Every morning, on my way to work, I see this mannequin and feel a deep spiritual connection with it.”

“It’s been a really crazy day at work. Please send help!”

“My face when my client asks me to redo the project at midnight.”

Even the dog that lives at the office feels tired.

Me in the evening, after work:

“This is either a matrix glitch or my eyes are seeing double from being overtired.”

“This boy in the supermarket has precisely conveyed my inner feelings.”

“Sometimes I feel like this heater.”

“You know you need coffee when you brew without a mug.”

“5 shots of espresso in one cup! If this doesn’t help I don’t know what will.”

That coffee didn’t help after all.

I saw this father & daughter sleeping at the airport and all I could think was, “Genetics.”

Life hack for those who travel a lot.

“My niece after school”

“My Halloween costume”

When you are tired, but still extremely cool:

“This week we are having final exams. This guy fell off the chair, laughed for about 30 seconds, and fell asleep for 40 minutes.”

Bonus: Doctors from all over the world have recently started a touching movement to show how tough their work sometimes is.

After a blogger from Mexico posted a photo trying to shame a medical worker who fell asleep at her work place, doctors from all over the world decided to stand up for her and initiated a movement to share photos that demonstrate how exhausting and difficult their work can be.

Which of these photos made you feel empathy? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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