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23 Things That Could Only Happen at Walmart

Walmart is the one store in America that targets all types of people, regardless of their social and economic status or their ethnicity. It has affordable prices, an extremely wide variety of products, and it stays open around the clock, meaning that many people go there just for the ride or simply to buy a toothbrush at 3 AM.

Bright Side searched and found some of the weirdest sights that anyone can come across if visiting Walmart, especially late at night.

1. Who cares about cheese onion Lays not being available?

2. Casually bumping into your other half

3. Lessons on how to not care about what anyone thinks

4. If only this person spent that time cleaning up the mess...

5. For a healthier choice

6. Someone just failed at doing the one job they were responsible for...

7. Is there anything that Walmart doesn’t sell?

8. Not everyone can walk around the entire store without fainting.

9. And nobody called security?

10. Is it Purge night already?

11. A very rare hair accessory

12. When your kid stops listening:

13. Going to the grocery store can be quite adventurous.

14. Professionally done

15. The “leave what you don’t need” shelf

16. In search of a monkey stroller...

17. Taking her mother out for a ride.

18. If you can’t reach it, maybe your toddler will.

19. Just don’t call him “Sir.”

20. How can you buy it if you don’t test it first?

21. It surely is an unbeatable price.

22. Walmart must be an oasis for dogs too.

23. So, basically nobody uses their feet to walk around Walmart.

Those of you who have ever visited Walmart must have seen at least one funny and weird thing. Please feel free to share that unique moment with us down in the comments section.

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