23 Times Adults Were Better Than Kids at Colouring Books

Coloring books are really awesome for teaching your children about colors and training their imagination and motor skills.

It just so happens, though, that those books are not only for triggering children's imaginations but adults', too. Just look at these 23 pictures that we at Bright Side collected for you when adults took coloring to the next level.

That adult was obviously tormented by ice-cream when he was younger.

Minions apparently can be bad, too.

Cersei! You never had so much joy in your face...

Ariel is a rebel.

Sleeping Beauty from Krypton's House of El.

What a jolly addition to the band!

That is slightly disturbing...

Marvel got the Joker/Harley Quinn meetup all wrong.

You go, little witch!

The Joker got a hairdo.

She should do very well...

Finally, they got to dance!

Snow White and a Vampire crossover, obviously.

I always suspected that about Gaston.

Dora the Escape Artist.

Saw 6 - kids version.

Stephen King dialed down.

The unknown part of a dragon's life.

... and may the force be ever in your favor.

Come to think of it - a little skin won't hurt.

Sadness, man.

Winnie: earlier years.

Caught off-guard.

So now you know that not only kids will be happy to get a coloring book for New Years! If you can think of any other example of adults having fun with drawing, be sure to share in the comments!

Preview photo credit youandmeandrainbows/imgur
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