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23 Times Things Were Vandalized by Evil Geniuses

To prevent crimes of vandalism you should immediately contact the police, but we bet that the ones on this list will make you giggle rather than try to prevent them.

We at Bright Side do not condone crimes of any nature, but we see no harm in sharing the fun of what has already been done. See for yourself!

I feel like we can trust them.

Potatoes in this campus are to be handled with special care.

Should be somewhere in Australia...

This is just cruel. Stop yelling at the machine, it's done nothing wrong!

Seems like it's always been there...

The bolder the better

Ross, you silly guy!

Spanish grammar has changed a lot, hasn't it?

Hammer time all the way!

What? He wanted to have some fun too!


I knew God was cool.

This slogan has changed somehow since I last saw it. And I'm ok with that!

Not the best sign for the road, huh?

Someone vandalized our reindeer decoration in the best possible way last night.

Someone vandalized a Soviet star in Russia and turned it into Patrick.

Very straightforward

Hey! Looks like Ebola is on sale!

This bracelet now holds the truth.

Who knew chillin' needed so much attention?

Your dogs can roll freely here.

Someone dared to correct our spelling of BEISMANT. Things are ramping up.

School water fountain

Did any of those funny crime scenes made you break out laughing? Be sure to share your favorites with us in the comments!

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