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23 Unstoppable Men Who Can Slay Any Problem

Men have never failed to surprise the world with their ingenuity. Be it their unique way of finding a suitable replacement for a helmet or an umbrella, or their new idea that makes their life a little easier — men are creative geniuses, who rightly embody the expression “desperate situations call for desperate measures.”

Bright Side brings you a compilation of these brilliant problem-solvers who are in a league of their own. Got a problem? These men have the solution!

1. No pool? Oh! We’re cool!

2. If it can keep the kids in, it can keep ’em out too!

3. Forgot the umbrella? Fret not. We got chairs.

4. The 101 uses of Duct tape ...

5. When the car’s AC breaks down, we fix it like this.

6. Screw it! I need ’em fixed.

7. “I’ve got my eyes on you. No Cheating!”

8. “Gotta get there fast!”

9. A perfect replacement, right?

10. A quick fix for a broken headlight

11. Wrecked the car seat? A chair works just as well.

12. What better way to upcycle your old car?

13. “What? The other 2 aren’t even wearing one!”

14. “They won’t notice my absence.”

15. Comfor-table

16. Mr. Bean would be so proud.

17. Mowing done right.

18. This never gets old.

19. Pimp my ride!

20. Forgot your visor? No worries when you’ve got a pizza box.

21. Mr. Sun, you goin’ down!

22. Technically, it works.

23. Problem solved.

What would the world be without these innovative geniuses! Do you know anyone who always has amazing ideas and slays every problem? Let us know your views in the comments.

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