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24 Bizarre Things Done in Public That People Snuck Pictures Of

We use the word “bizarre” to speak about something very strange and unusual. This word can successfully describe the odd behavior of people we all meet from time to time in public transport, shopping malls, on the road and in other public places. Internet users share shots of the most extraordinary people whose behavior will make you think, “What on earth is going on here?”

Bright Side has collected a series of pictures showing people doing the most awkward things in public places. What would you think if you saw these with your own eyes?

1. Nothing unusual, just a parrot working out...

2. What on earth made him wear that suit?

3. It looks like the man on the left wants some chicken too.

4. When dying your hair red is not enough and you still want a brighter look:

5. Praying to the god of bananas

6. “It’s the coolest queue I’ve ever seen.”

7. It must have taken a while to use this ATM...

8. “No one will ever steal my doughnut!”

9. Safety? What’s that?

10. An alternative way to fasten your cargo to the car

11. If you are stylish, you are stylish anytime, anywhere.

12. No vacant seats? No problem!

13. Spider-Man? Is that you?

14. Feeling at home...

15. Egyptian pyramids must have been built the same way...

16. Would you dare take the same train as this woman and her snake?

17. What did he want to say with this look?

18. This is what happens when you dress up for work in a hurry...

19. “Don’t tell me how to drag my suitcase!”

20. When you believe the seats on public transportation are dirty:

21. We wonder if they noticed that huge rock behind them.

22. It looks unbelievable!

23. When you want to save on delivery service:

24. Why not?

Which of these pictures made you think, “What is going on?” Have you ever observed people doing crazy things like this in public? Feel free to share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!

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