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24 Breathtaking Times the Sky Brought Magic Into This World

Cloud-watching is one of the best things to do on a lazy summer weekend, because sometimes the sky turns out to be full of magical colors and shapes — you just need to look up and enjoy, or — even better — capture it!

Here at Bright Side we prepared 24 amazing shots of when the sky was an absolute masterpiece.

1. Winnie, is that you?

2. These clouds look like mountains!

3. This cloud looks like Falkor the dragon from Neverending Story!

4. Howling at the sun

5. This looks like a kissing couple in a romantic movie!

6. A whale in the sky

7. This cloud looks like a nuclear mushroom!

8. Cloud of freedom

9. These clouds look like gigantic marshmallow worms.

10. Come here guys, it’s safer on this side!

11. A blessed cloud

12. Angel face cloud

13. This cloud looks like an angel, coming down from the sky!

14. Looks like a shot from Independence Day in real life!

15. A kangaroo hopping across the sky!

16. Godzilla came back!

17. “After 128 years the torch finally went out.”

18. “The great bear cloud awakens...”

19. Baby shark doo-doo-do-do-do-do

20. Good job, buddy!

21. UFO detected in the city! Oh it’s just a cloud...

22. These clouds look like a tsunami!

23. This cloud must be as light as a feather.

24. A genuinely mesmerizing cloud with a human face!

Have you ever captured any eye-catching clouds? Feel free to share your pictures with us in the comment section below!

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