24 Cases Where a Wedding Photographer Captured Something Unexpected

Weeks of serious preparation, major and minor irritations, money, a lot of joy — this is a recipe for a typical wedding. To make it even better, you need some humor and just a little bit of craziness...just like the heroes of the following photographs.

Bright Side has found photos from weddings where something went wrong.

"My friend had a bit of a rough start to his wedding photo booth shoot."

Just so you know: don't jump in such dresses. Ever.

She is in doubt.

When you feel that you don't belong here:

"I nearly lost my eye to confetti on my wedding day."

"My friend got married on Halloween."

"My friend walked out of the reception when the bride and groom were supposed to."

"My husband and I were going to a wedding reception. The road had many turns, and the driver was going so fast that both of us felt sick."

"A sneak peek of my sister’s wedding photos!"

When the couple is not tall enough:

The flower girl is tired of all this wedding stuff!

This kid really doesn't like weddings.

It looks like kids just hate boring weddings.

The groom's sister passed out at the exact moment the judge said, "You may kiss the bride."

About half a second before the groom kissed dirt!

"A group of Navy SEALS accidentally photobombed some wedding pictures. Bride and groom don't look too happy."

A one-in-a-million wedding picture!

Who needs a wedding cake when there's shawarma?

"My brother got married in January. My parents loved this photo. So do I, but for different reasons."

It might seem that everything is OK...except for the fact that the groom is wearing only one shoe.

"My wife is sleeping in the hotel hallway after our wedding."

"Worst wedding guest ever!"

"My sister just got married, and she asked me to save her a newspaper from her wedding day."

This is his last chance.

Which of the photos seemed the funniest to you? Have you ever witnessed something funny at a wedding? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit catman_crothers
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