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24 Dating Profiles That Definitely Steal the Spotlight

Exposing your true self on the web isn’t an easy thing. Your chances of getting liked or disliked are cut somewhere in the middle and that’s pretty scary for many people. However, this thought doesn’t taunt some people who have absolutely no fear of exposing themselves by posting extremely weird and hilarious images. They either don’t care about how they will be perceived or they seriously think that they look magnificent.

Bright Side has collected a variety of images from dating websites where people make their appearance known for all the wrong reasons.

1. “That’s what you’ll get if you don’t treat me right.”

2. A man that can afford vodka and caviar is a sure catch!

3. A man that can make your wildest dreams come true

4. She’ll never have you feeling bored.

5. He’s ready for the altar.

6. Wow! He can buy fur!

7. Who can say no to these eyes?

8. Never trust a man who drinks pickle juice.

9. The classic party animal type

10. You’ll definitely want to take a ride with these guys.

11. It’s a good boy’s world.

12. When you don’t have a vase:

13. Because you will definitely get hungry...

14. He’s such a show-off...

15. When you can’t afford a chair at the beach:

16. He’s a very famous guy!

17. She won’t need you to buy her a soda.

18. A girl who loves her noodles

19. Quite muscular and irresistible

20. She will need you to hold her hand at all times.

21. Enjoy your nights along with a dozen cats surrounding you.

22. That’s how you should expect him on your first date.

23. Maybe he wants to send a special message to the ladies.

24. Hope he’ll get what he wants.

Would you ever create a profile that shows you as a cartoon character instead of a serious human being? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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