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24 Disaster Dollies That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel for Kids

Did you know that each year around 3 billion toys are sold just in the US alone? That’s around 95 toys per second! Most of these toys are well-made, creative, and educational. But there are some toys that make us question the psychological condition of their creators.

Bright Side has collected 24 of the strangest toys from around the world that are definitely not suitable for children. We're warning you to not buy them for your kids.

24. What a diva!

23. In case you're wondering where the horse’s hair comes from.

22. A baby that has a baby?

21. Poor Woody

20. This baby doll makes my skin crawl.

19. Why does this duck have four legs?

18. Looks like Cinderella had some very bad plastic surgery.

17. He had one job!

16. Why did you do that to Teddy?

15. "I bought a new lamp for my daughter. It was a bad decision."

14. Go home, toy, you're drunk!

13. When you ate that extra cookie and now you're feeling fat and sad.

12. Harry Potter has changed.

11. "So my mother had a doll made based off of a picture of me as a baby."

10. & 9. What did Elsa do to deserve this?

8. Since when do parrots have three legs and just one wing?

7. Why does a starfish need human teeth?

6. Alien

5. Spider-doll

4. Just a flesh-colored bottle.

3. Is this Lego Barbie?

2. This is what they call "best friends."

1. Creepifying

What do you think of these bizarre toys? Which one is the creepiest? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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