24 GIFs Even Those Who’ve Seen All Episodes of “How It’s Made” Will Find Interesting

People are really curious creatures. They always want to learn as much as possible about this world. And it’s especially interesting how the things around are made or how they work. For example, how do rivers change their directions? Or how are birds filmed when flying? How are dogs trained to find drugs? We will tell you about these things and even more!

Bright Side has made a new compilation of how things work that will be interesting even for those people who spent hours watching the Discovery Channel.

1. A machine that makes cookie cutters

2. This is how a logo is made:

3. Action scenes are shot like this:

4. Climbing vines need to find suitable support on which to grow.

5. This is how dogs are trained to search for drugs:

6. Helicopters put out forest fires.

7. The efficiency of this trash-cleaning boat:

8. Satellite view of a river changing course

9. This is thermoforming:

10. How prosthetic makeup is made:

11. How close-up shots of birds are filmed:

12. How Disney studios created scenes for their cartoons:

13. How road signs are produced:

14. Restoring a damaged 19th century oil painting

15. Where cashew nuts come from:

16. Guavas sorting machine

17. Making a globe in 1955

18. How the Panama canal works:

19. What happens if you lose some of your teeth:

20. How sinkholes form through both natural and human-made processes:

21. Where cinnamon comes from:

22. How to scan books:

23. Peanuts start growing above ground, then grow down into the ground.

24. A mechanical demonstration of why sesamoid bones (like the kneecap) are important in the human body

Which of these GIFs amazed you the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit highsatisfaction / instagram
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