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24 Hilarious Fails Captured at the Right Time

A picture says a thousand words — especially if it captures the perfect moment. These pictures below prove that it only takes a quick second to achieve epic fail status.

Bright Side gathered 24 photos that all tell a unique story to say the least.

24. Your face when even fish avoid you.

23. When you’re tired of “ordinary” animals and want to pet a dolphin.

22. A dog fighting bravely with water to save his humans.

21. When you know you’re extremely handsome.

20. Discipline is boring.

19. “My dad right before breaking his collar bone on my uncle’s bike that he took without asking.”

18. “There was a bee in my car.”

17. “My friend saw a Porsche with a rude driver. The truck in front of him had something to say about it.”

16. Don’t mess with monkeys.

15. “The worst thing that ever happened.”

14. It was so close.

13. “My dog ruining Christmas dinner a few years ago.”

12. “My dog thought a patch of brush in the river was solid land. It wasn’t.”

11. “Mom, we truly don’t know this woman!”

10. “Losing a game of Jenga.”

9. “We don’t need it.”

8. Just a moment before...

7. The first ever levitating dog.

6. “My brother has quicker reflexes than I thought.”

5. Oops!

4. “My phone vibrated at the exact moment I took a picture.”

3. When you’re smiling because you don’t know you’re about to get wet in a second.

2. Coming in for a landing.

1. When Flamenco dancing is really exhausting.

Just one moment can bring us a bruises, smiles, a laugh, or even an unforgettable life experience. Has your life ever changed in the blink of an eye? Or do you have any interesting shots taken at the perfect moment? Share in the comments.

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