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24 Hilarious Solutions to Everyday Problems and Each One Is Crazier Than the Last

The term "life hack" was first used in 2003. Since that moment, we've learned thousands of useful tips that can help us in various situations. And even though the tips were extremely helpful, after a while, we got a bit tired of them.

Everyday life is full of problems of a different kind. There's a lot of advice on how to solve common issues, but there are also those types of people who, for whatever reason, came up with absolutely crazy solutions that are genius and unbelievable at the same time.

Bright Side wants to share some unusual life hacks that we're sure you'll find impressive!

1. A selfie stick can be replaced by cello tape.

2. Not so beautiful, but very reliable.

3. Buy the goods at a discount store to save money.

4. Toothpaste can be easily replaced with ketchup.

5. Use condoms as waterproof socks.

6. Cigarette butts are tastier if they are fried.

7. A plane is perfect for pull-ups.

8. You don't need an alarm system – a lock is enough.

9. You can always turn a bunch of dirty laundry into a Christmas tree.

10. A phone isn't only for communication.

11. Use scotch tape when the toilet paper has suddenly ended.

12. A roller door can be used for a partial tan.

13. If the bathroom door is broken, you can just use a butter knife.

14. Meat will help you look stylish.

15. Using Post-its instead of cheese won't affect the sandwich taste a lot.

16. Apply cucumber all over the body and wait until you become younger.

17. Ask your cactus to wash the windows.

18. Create your own handmade skirt using caution tape.

19. It's better to sunbathe in socks so that later, you can evaluate the result.

20. Keep the first aid kit in a safe place.

21. You can turn a lamp post into a football goal.

22. Use gloves not to feel lonely.

23. ...And instead of socks.

24. Your finger can be a stabilizer while cutting.

Which of these life hacks are you ready to try? Tell us in the comments.

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