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24 Hypnotic Sights That Soothe Our Raging Souls

In our bodies, we have a hormone called "cortisol" that is responsible for the levels of stress in our psyche. But this list will destroy any levels of cortisol in almost anybody!

Here at Bright Side, we love bringing you satisfactory pictures and fun collections, and this one is no exception!

24. One perfectionist's soul was saved today.

23. It's called a "snowball" because it's supposed to be a ball in the first place, right?

22. Being healthy physically and mentally

21. "The way the cheese fits my bread is perfect."

20. Watermelon cutting skill level: Ziploc

19. "I believe they taste even better!"

18. The person who stacked these should be named "Employee of the Month"!

17. Look how evenly these candies are positioned in the bag.

16.The way the stripe lined up perfectly

15. Who said paying for gas can't be satisfying?

14. Pancakes fit for a Pharaoh!

13. The art of ice

12. 12 spoons, 1 cup

11. Where's Snow White?

10. Manufactured perfection

9. Car wash foam

8. A bell pepper from heaven

7. Perfect bartending

6. Length and radius of perfection

5. "The highlight of my visit to Schonbrunn was this sight."

4. Water bull's eye

3. Organize your cats!

2. Grain to grain

1. This stacking job

Which of these images brought peace and satisfaction to your soul? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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