24 Internet Users Who Are Right on the Verge of a Breakthrough

Life is a tricky thing. It seems that there’s nothing we aren’t aware of when suddenly you find out that you haven’t been peeling a pineapple correctly your entire life. Or you may learn that your phone has way more functions than you’re used to using. Today’s compilation is dedicated to insights that are just as shocking as snow in July.

Internet users shared their mini discoveries and Bright Side couldn’t pass them by because nothing compares to these feelings!

When you realize that dogs wear pants:

When you learn that AirPods can be used as interception with the help of the phone function called, Live Listen:

When you learn by practice that Vans always land facing up:

When you find another movie cliche:

When you realize that all this time you’ve been eating pineapples the wrong way:

When you see how glasses with diopters of −30 look:

When you come up with a life hack of how to quickly erase a marker:

When it turns out that if you hold a dot button on your phone for a long time, you’ll get three dots:

When you find a special needle compartment in a coil:

When you make your own personal yet small discovery:

When you see how glass noodles are made:

When you come up with a life hack for parents whose kids like to make a splash fountain from a juice box:

When you learn you can open a toaster’s bottom and shake out all the bread crumbs:

When you find out that Romans have edited the “calendar” project several times:

When you come across Google’s secret function where you can listen to what sounds different animals make:

When you understand that hooks in a charger are there for a reason:

When you learn that Pringles has a brand of noodles:

When you think you know everything about this world but realize you had been wrong all along:

When it turns out that there is a special compartment for storing staples at the bottom of a stapler:

When you find a secret message:

When you realize that a rainbow is a circle:

When you track a weird tendency in the names of phobias:

When you learn that you can scan documents in iPhone “Notes”:

When you suddenly get insight on something:

Have you ever made your own mini discoveries? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit DenzBenzi / twitter
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