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24 Mesmerizing Photos That Prove the World Is Full of Miracles

We’re too used to Photoshop and Instagram filters nowadays and can’t imagine what the most ordinary photos would be like without them. But some pictures don’t need retouching to impress us.

Bright Side has collected 24 photos that don’t need Photoshop to break the cool-o-meter.

These look like movie special effects but it’s just a tap and a waterdrop refracting light from a tie-dye shirt.

A shark’s tooth and a can

“Because the cruise liner is tilting, it looks like the water is breaking the laws of gravity.”

This super glue dried out inside.

“Capturing fireworks using focus blur and long exposure”

A red-eyed tree frog on a window

Horses have mustaches too!

“After many early mornings, I finally got the Milkyway shot I was looking for.”

Sharks inside a wave

A horse with “fox print”

“My friend’s parrot looks like a toy.”

Fire tornado

A brave bird rescuing its friend

Like a stone glove

A frightening optical effect

Dumortierite in quartz cabochon valued at $17,000

A turtle adorning incredible patterns

A long exposure photo of a lightning bolt hitting a tree

“Left the camera out for the night, here’s the result!”

“Portrait mode cut off the stem of this rose completely.”

A storm rolling into Florida

The infinity mirrors exhibition

“Cream bubbles in my coffee this morning”

This clear window among the tinted ones

Have you ever managed to take a picture that looks like it’s been worked on by a professional photoshopper? Share it with us in the comments!

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