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24 Outlandish Photos That Hit Frost Level “Antarctica”

Something has happened to the weather around the world. In the US, it is extremely cold, and there is a lot of snow in Europe. But people stay optimistic. They share the photos of what is happening, start unexpected flash mobs, and try to talk their Huskies into coming inside for at least a little bit.

Today, Bright Side looks at people who were amazed by how cold the weather can be.

1. Frozen beard

2. Ice storm over Geneva, Switzerland

3. “This is how cold it is, please keep your heater on if you can.”

4. “It’s so cold here in Iowa that there is now frost on the inside of my door hinges.”

5. Very romantic

6. This toilet froze and busted.

7. Kalyazin Radio Astronomy Observatory (~200 km from Moscow)

8. “Ate lunch in Chicago today. I like mine al dente.”

9. Chicago looks like The Day After Tomorrow.

10. “It’s Saturday and it’s just a little cold outside...”

11. “It’s so cold in Iowa that we froze antifreeze.”

12. “Windchill is −48 degrees in Chicago today...”

13. “Yesterday, I saw snow in Prague for the first time the whole winter.”

14. “After 2 days of freezing rain, this came out.”

15. “To many of my Canadian and cold weather friends, we aren’t well adjusted to these cold climates here in Illinois, but decided to take family pictures on this −22ºF day! ”

16. The streets get empty when it is so cold.

17. “More freezing of bubbles. Now, better lighting and corn syrup has been added to my mixture of dish soap and salt.”

18. Niagara Falls is partially frozen.

19. A frozen waterfall in Italy

20. “We were having a lot of fun.”

“As it turns out, in some conditions, hot water freezes faster than cold water.”

21. Photo of a firefighter from Hammond, IN who helped put out a massive fire in −20ºF temps. True hero right here!

22. It is so cold in Edmonton that it’s closed.

23. “Quick dip, anyone?”

24. “This guy has been eating snow since this morning, and the look he gave me when I asked him to come inside was...”

And how cold is it in your town today?

Preview photo credit imgur, Jean-Pierre Scherrer
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