24 People Who Are Having a Much Worse Day Than You

Everybody has their little failures, and we all handle them differently. Before you fall into despair, think about other people whose day might have been even worse.

Bright Side has collected photos of people who obviously have had quite a rough day.

24. Hundreds of boxes with frozen pizza!

23. A washing machine full of water is burning?

22. I didn't plan this kind of refurbishment.

21. I have no idea how this happened.

20. This was the moment when I realized it was not my best day.

19. Nice car check.

18.— Hold on tight.

— Okay, Dad.

17. Shall we go for a swim?

16. That was a great dinner.

15. Oops...

14. I shouldn't have asked my son to go to a car wash.

13. Lucky is my middle name.

12. Great.

11. Don't repeat my mistakes.

10. I just wanted some ice cream.

9. I wasn't prepared for this.

8. Dark times in the life of our copier.

7. I decided to have a nap on the couch while my pizza was baking. 2.5 hours passed very quickly.

6. Looks like my driver is in trouble.

5. A second before...

4. I asked them to write nothing on my cake.

3. This is what pain looks like.

2. I was trying to take a cool photo, but something went wrong.

1. It was another boring day at school.

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