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24 People Who Can Find a Way Out of Any Deadlock

There are some people in this world that just don’t understand words like “problem” or “trouble”. Other people would simply give up if they bought a car that had no heating system or if a teacher asked them the very question they didn’t know the answer to, but this article isn’t about these kinds of people. People who don’t let problems stand in their way always know what to do in difficult situations and manage to always use their ingenuity and quick thinking.

Bright Side has discovered some useful hacks to get out of sticky situations. We hope you’ll also be inspired by these people’s quick wit and creativity.

“My landlord decided to turn down the heat today in my apartment when it was −40° F. But he must’ve forgotten that I value my comfort over energy conservation.”

Nothing can stop you from taking a virtual fight.

Don’t you have an emergency stop sign? It’s no problem if you have a vivid imagination.

“This hero woke himself up from his own snoring, covered his mouth with his scarf, and went back to sleep. All I could hear was a slight rumble after that.”

“My nephew broke down my computer monitor. I haven’t bought a new one yet.”

When you’re missing summer:

Wasps won’t win this fight.

When your phone is too big for your palm:

“Some people wanted to watch the game, but we only had a printer available.”

When a person graduates from Creativity University:

Frozen windscreen? No problem, just use a bag full of boiling water.

There’s nothing some tape can’t fix.

When your phone screen is broken, but you still need to text someone:

Who needs stairs when there’s a helicopter?

A shower nozzle that keeps your car windshield from getting foggy

If a public restroom’s locks are broken:

When you’re a freelancer but can’t work at home:

A pencil that can solve all problems

You don’t have to visit a car service.

Perhaps he used to be a boy scout!

“My dad’s solution when a control knob broke off in my car”

When you always oversleep for work:

Students have the strongest survival instincts.

That’s what friends are for.

Has your ingenuity ever helped you out in a tough situation? Tell us your stories!

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