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24 People Who Can’t Be Beaten in Goofing Off

How do you put your creativity to good use? You've most likely seen photos online of funny creations by people who seem to have a bit too much time on their hands.

Here at Bright Side, we found the creators of these masterpieces. It's so reassuring to know that there are still some talented and witty people in this world!

1. "I made a yearbook for my fish."

2. "I finally figured out what to do with my drone."

  • 3. All you need is a tiny canvas, watercolors, and a bird's feet to create a masterpiece.

4. "When someone asks me what my hobby is..."

5. 3 guys from Poland made a 10-m-tall snowman. Just for fun.

6. It's easy to save both time and hot water: just throw your Ramen into your bathtub.

7. "My sister made a sweater for her pet. Looks like the sweater is appreciated."

8. When you understand that you've bought a GoPro for a good reason:

9. "This is my best creation. I am an engineer, by the way."

10. "My new hobby — adding a smile to Samuel L. Jackson."

11. Somewhere, Cersei Lannister is dying of envy.

12. Surfing during the winter – what could be better?

13. "My niece got a new scooter but I rode it the whole morning."

14. "Perfect."

15. What is your achievement?

16. "My girlfriend made a crossbow at work."

17. "Have you ever tried to cover a banana with Wite-Out?"

18. "I drew the Belcher family from Bob's Burgers on spoons. Isn't it awesome?"

19. When a mechanic feels bored:

20. "I was housesitting for my brother and his fiancé's house. I decided to make them a place where they can worship the guy from the Old Spice commercials."

21. It seems like someone just had too much free time...

22. "Yes, I can entertain myself."

23. "It seems like someone spent a lot of time here working on this masterpiece."

24. "My dad cut our dog's hair and my mom decided to make a dog's silhouette on the bathroom floor. And then she called me in to take a look. A heart-stopping prank!"

Have you ever done anything like this? How do you entertain yourself when you're bored? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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