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24 People Who Have a Perfect Sense of Humor

Some people just love making jokes. When you are around them, you just want to smile. And they are never boring either.

We at Bright Side adore such jokesters, and we offer you 24 pictures from people who have an extraordinary sense of humor. At the end of the article, there is a bonus to prove that even celebrities love laughing at themselves.

"OK. So my brother got my ENTIRE FAMILY these plain black mugs....but when they get hot, they're COVERED ENTIRELY IN MY MUG SHOT."

"It's been 3 days since I replaced my sister's goldfish with carrots."

"My dad makes my stepmom take pictures of him doing weird things when we have record-breaking low temperatures."

This is what happens when a man doesn't get disappointed because of being bald but uses the free space for a cool tattoo.

"I've been using this as a water bottle for about a month now. I kinda love the judging eyes it gets me at the gym."

"I called the cops a couple of weeks ago because a bottle of fermented grape juice exploded, and I thought it was a gunshot. Here's what my friends did to my staircase for April Fools'..."

This man failed his driving test 13 times. His family got him this cake with a driver's license on it. Now at least he's got one on a cake.

When your colleagues are extremely caring:

Someone at this museum has a sense of humor.

"My wife wanted to let the pizza place know that they're overdoing it with the advertising."

"My friend who lost his leg this summer posted this on Facebook."

"My wife and daughter are trying their best to help me recreate this moment."

"My buddy has a good sense of humor."

"I’m a marine biology student, and my cousins saw fit to give me blobfish slippers for Christmas. I thought you all deserved to know about them."

"My dad and his morbid sense of humor make their way to the family reunion."

"Got my dad cushions with my face on them as a joke present. Turned out creepier than expected."

"Troll dad level: awesome"

"My sister was in the building that exploded in NYC. Broken nose, broken ribs, perforated lung, and she still has her sense of humor."

When you ask for a joke inside the box and they put a mirror in there:

"So an online candy store offered free shipping on all orders. I decided to do a troll order and ordered a 50-cent candy with free shipping. Ended up getting a lot more than I asked for..."

"My coworker may have stolen my prank karma, but watching her take it down was plenty worth it."

A cardiologist's office with a sense of humor!

My local Cold Stone has a good sense of humor.

Bonus: Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, said, "I'm Ariel, minus the tail and the tits."

Would you agree that living is way easier if you have a great sense of humor? Are there such funny guys among the people you know? Or are you the funny guy in your group? Tell us in the comment section below!

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