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24 People Who Just Want to Start Their Whole Day Over

We’ve all experienced the feeling when your day is just going completely wrong. The only thing that we can do is breathe deeply and stay calm so that later, these moments will be nothing but a funny memory. If you have a nasty fall and want to start a day over, just take a look at these kinds of situations with a little humor.

We at Bright Side have compiled 20+ pictures of a bad day that can make you laugh.

1. The winner at life

2. When your dog is vindictive:

3. Just nevermind...

4. And again...

5. So painful, so heartbreaking

6. Oops...that’s not good.

7. The best day for this captain!

8. Pizza day is canceled.

9. “I guess I pulled a little too hard.”

10. No pain, no gain...

11. “I’m home alone and locked the bathroom door.”

12. “I love Mondays and I love my job.”

13. Oh, this is mean.

14. “When you ask for cheese on the side at Mcdonald’s”

15. No worries, everything is going according to plan.

16. Perfect weather for boating

17. That feeling when you’re about to cry

18. “Something tells me it’s better to change plans for today.”

19. Goodbye, new shoes.

20. Disappointment looks like this:

21. No stress

22. The advantage of having an outdoor office

23. Wake up!

24. Happy birthday, sweetie!

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