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24 People Who Perfected Their Laziness Skills

Laziness is a kind of art. In order to not do anything, you have to be both very organized and extremely creative. There are proofs on the internet which show laziness at its best.

Bright Side has collected 24 photographs from the people who know what it means to be really lazy. At the end of the article, there is a bonus which shows that even animals can sometimes be gurus at doing nothing.

This is good enough!

If you're too lazy to have your laptop repaired, you can always use a photo frame.

"I'm really lazy when it comes to putting on a costume."

"I trusted my husband to clean up from Christmas last year. This is what I discovered when I went down to our basement to begin decorating this year. He's so proud! I can't decide: life hack or laziness?"

The best combination of business and pleasure:

If you're too lazy to carve a pumpkin, just use a plastic jaw.

"My result. I don't see it, either."

"Told my girlfriend we are too lazy and play too much to get a dog..."

When you need to work but you want to drink:

What do you know about not moving?

"Wanted to see how some rugs would look in our living room but too lazy to Photoshop it."

"Someone asked my dad if he managed to get to work and he responded with this."

"Every Valentine's Day, my parents have an argument about whether this is lazy or romantic: my Dad's been using the same card for pretty much every holiday since I was in middle school."

I don't like losing my chameleon. Problem solved.

This is genius!

Laziness: level 100!

Laziness at its finest...

"My brother is too lazy to get a protective mat for the floor so instead, he just puts socks on his desk chair."

An epic display of laziness...

Great plan!

When you are too lazy to buy an A/C:

At least your clothes are always clean...

An international symbol of laziness

Bonus: "My dog loves hiking, but sometimes she's just too lazy. This is how we finish hikes."

Which of the examples did you think was the funniest? Do you consider yourself a lazy person? Tell us in the comment section below!

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