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24 Photos That Prove Timing Is Everything

Many people say that there is no such thing as luck, but we beg to differ. If luck wasn’t something that existed, then how can you explain all these images found online that captured the most hilarious coincidences ever? It wasn’t just someone’s quick hands that grabbed the camera on time, but rather the surrounding people who managed to grab their phones in the nick of time.

Bright Side loves humor and wants to share some tremendously hilarious coincidental images with you that are guaranteed to make your eyes well up with tears.

1. How can you eat a cookie like this one?

2. Is there any type of business that Taylor Swift isn’t meddling with?

3. Exactly what a baby needs:

4. Should she worry that the dog’s face suits her that much?

5. Head wanted

6. You should tattoo that as well.

7. What would happen if this were a “wanted” sign?

8. The cat with a 6-pack

9. This color combination must be very popular in many businesses.

10. How to become invisible...kind of

11. This is how you enjoy TV during Christmas.

12. When you throw out good energy, it comes back to you.

13. “This is where my cat stands when she wants to hide.”

14. The perfect ad placement

15. When 2 different cars complete each other:

16. When you know how to best advertise your business.

17. Careful what you say because it can happen.

18. Welcome, cat-sus!

19. A Les Miserables and The Shining mash-up

20. No, you don’t.

21. That’s about right.

22. And Burger King will make it come faster!

23. Everything is accepted.

24. Where else would a vampire go?

Did these images put a smile on your face? Which ones did you think made the most sense? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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