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24 Sights So Soothing, They’d Heal a Sunburn

It just so happens that humankind loves symmetry. This is because it gives us a sense of beauty and brings certain order to our chaotic lives. And in this article, we've got some major beauty and order coming your way!

At Bright Side, we marvel at all things soothing and we wanted to share these relaxing photos with you to help calm your stresses down.

Paint on paint gradient

These mad parking skills

40,000 LEDs and a perfect tree

"I ordered some hangers on Amazon and they shipped them like this."

"I found a Snickers bar in this cup holder... it just belongs here."

The phone case blends with the desk.

This light spectrum reflected off the dining room window through a chair back.

Cups by color

A coin stack like we've never seen

Dogs that sort themselves by color

Used till the last drop...

Tomatoes ripening in perfect order

"My neighbor backs in his truck every day with less than an inch to spare."

"5 years and 3 months worth of driving! So happy I was able to pull over to capture this!"

Sunset over the mountains

This perfectly symmetrical highway interchange

Stunning welding art

Watermelon puzzle

"I organized toys at a childcare center today."

Perfectly stacked suitcases

This stairwell in India

The color tones of these salt evaporation ponds

These yolks

"My cereal this morning"

Did any of these pictures bring peace to your soul? Be sure to share your feelings with us in the comment section - we'd love to hear from you!

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur, -Genesys-/reddit
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