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24 Situations When Our Imagination Made Us See Something That Wasn’t There

Imagination is the ability to see images or have ideas spontaneously or intentionally. And the things that we see can be very funny. The photos in this article prove this.

We at Bright Side were also tricked by our imagination while looking at these photos and we were really surprised by how similar different things can look.

When you can look like a chicken leg:

Windowsill, coffee, angle, and white balance. How to visit the sea without leaving home:

"Twinning – my daughter's boyfriend and my Peruvian guinea pig share a similar haircut."

Buses carrying pilgrims in Mecca look like cassette tapes.

"It looks like this guy is transparent."

The neighboring apartment building appears to be fascinated by the glowing orb on its nose.

"It'll be funny if someone decides to kick this watermelon at night."

This can of bug spray looks like a character from Finding Nemo:

So romantic

"It's good I didn't have to walk past it at 3 AM."

"A picture of my pizza ended up looking like a video."

"It took me a long time to figure out why the naked guy was digging snow."

This chair looks very evil:

These volcano ash clouds look like a hugging couple:

My friends dog looks like a giant furry face.

This brussel sprout looks like a small but very unimpressed alien:

Ice cobra

This basketball was sprayed with Vantablack and it looks like a dark portal to the underworld:

A very rude plant

"I thought someone forgot a bunch of newspapers."

This Croatian island looks like a fingerprint:

These 2 people sat on the bench and their faces merged into a real-life Picasso face:

The shadow of the dirt from this windshield looks like mountains.

This cat looks like a cinnamon roll:

Which of the pictures surprised you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit JF112/imgur
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