24 Things That Look So Much Like Food They Can Make You Feel Hungry

In 2012, scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry proved that photos of food stimulate an appetite in all healthy people. We’ve decided to find out whether pictures of inedible but tasty looking things can make us feel hungry or not.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at photos of things that have nothing in common with food but arouse people’s appetites. There’s also a bonus at the end featuring living candy.

24. “I’m sure these soap morsels taste like candy.”

23. Wooden cookies you’d like to try

22. This ground beef will keep your floor clean.

21. This noodle is actually made of plastic.

20. Chocolates that can damage your teeth

19. When you go hiking and get hungry:

18. Who ordered scrambled eggs?

17. “Pass me this sourdough, please.”

16. Let’s find a big glass of milk.

15. We can’t believe it’s epoxy resin!

14. Would you like to try these?

13. This caramel dessert deserves all the awards.

12. Think twice before trying this donut.

11. Coral that turned into salty popcorn

10. This looks more like spaghetti than spaghetti!

9. Such a delicious steak...

8. Olives that we shouldn’t add to our salad.

7. Let’s imagine it’s a bucket of creamy caramel.

6. Is it a granola bar?

5. These python eggs that look like mozzarella

4. These stickers look just like cheddar.

3. Someone loves bacon...

2. Yellow pasta that’s forbidden to inexperienced cooks

1. These are 2 rolls, not avocados.

Bonus: a few more candies

So, which photo made you feel hungry? Share your impressions with us in the comments!

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