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25 Amazing Things That Happened Accidentally (They May Never Happen Again)

Some people are lucky enough to accidentally stumble upon a rare phenomenon or something unusual that can become a source of aesthetic pleasure. Of course we love when they decide to share these moments with others. How could you not share a picture of a plane-shaped cloud, a pear-shaped apple, or a caterpillar that has penguins on its body?

Bright Side has collected 25 rare things and events that internet users managed to capture.

1. The reflection of the solar panels from above

2. “Got my nails done for convocation and accidentally color-matched these pills.”

3. The colors of this vine

4. “I accidentally dropped a playing card in the toilet and all the spades moved to one side.”

5. “The ends of my keys look like numbers.”

6. When you find a cloud that looks like a plane:

7. “My cat’s eyes match our couch.”

8. “The holes in the top of my curtain project an image of the street below onto my ceiling.”

Here is a gif that will explain what’s going on here.

9. The way this shadow has a missing part due to light refraction:

10. “The way my cheese melted on my burger. This is as perfect as it gets.”

11. “This caterpillar with penguins on its back”

12. Folded ice

13. “This half and half rose I stumbled upon on my walk”

14. “A frog’s footprints on my car”

15. “My order number matches the price of my meal.”

16. Tire vs Sand

17. “The shadow of my plane, surrounded by a tiny rainbow”

18. This tree’s roots creating a mini-pond

19. This pear-shaped apple

20. “This scar I got when I was 10 looks like a shark.”

21. How often does this happen?

22. “One of my ice cubes formed a spike.”

23. “This spiders reflection in a pool”

24. “This faucet water hitting a noodle”

25. This looks like a castle from “Game of Thrones.”

Have you ever seen any similar things? Tell us in the comment section below!

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