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25 Awesome Inventions the Whole World Will Thank Their Creators For

Statistics show that almost half of all inventions we use today were created by accident. Among them we can find such widespread creations such as post-it notes, Coca-Cola, the microwave oven, Teflon and many others. However, not all inventions appeared only by improvising, some of them were made out of necessity - and even now we constantly come across thousands of new creations that are really useful in our everyday life.

Bright Side gathered 25 examples of awesome practical inventions that were specifically designed to make our life much easier.

25. These bikes have airless tires.

24. These LED slippers will help you not to stumble over your cat in the dark.

23. This Cuddle Mattress is designed to guarantee a good night's sleep for couples.

22. A fan that blows under your blanket

21. The design of the curtains in this hotel room ensures that there is no annoying light gap in the middle.

20. This USB drive displays how much of its storage is being used.

19. This hot sauce bottle allows you to adjust spice levels.

18. This laptop has a webcam with a shutter so your private time stays private.

17. This elevator has a call button 30 feet away so the doors will be open by the time you get to them.

16. The mirror in this hotel is heated so it won't steam up after a hot shower.

15. The weight watcher belt

14. If you don't like to share your mug with your colleagues:

13. A ping pong door

12. This shopping cart with a calculator

11. A full-body umbrella protects you from getting wet even when it's windy.

10. This shower mic is made for those who love singing in the shower.

9. Wash your hands and re-use the water for the next flush.

8. This highlighter has a clear part to show you what you're highlighting.

7. This roll of toilet paper comes with a smaller roll to take it on-the-go.

6. A fake sky in the surgery waiting room

5. This pasta box helps you decide how much pasta to make.

4. This pharmacy has a magnifying glass so people can read medicine labels and details more easily.

3. This toilet makes sure you have a sanitary seat every time.

2. Traffic lights for inattentive drivers

1. The Roller Buggy makes a walk enjoyable for both a mom and their child.

Do you have your own ideas of awesome inventions that would make our lives much easier? Share them in the comments!

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