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25 Deceptive Photos That Prove Our Eyes Can’t Be Trusted

Sometimes we stare at a picture and can't understand what we're seeing. Is our world the best optical illusion or is it just our minds playing tricks on us?

Bright Side collected some photos that prove there's a huge gap between our perception of the world and reality.

"I've never seen a pelican race before."

That flexibility!

A super spooky sheet is taking on a ghost's form.

She would definitely win in the Olympics.

When your dog makes your selfie even more wonderful:

Deception of the year

Deception of the year #2

My wife is a centaur.

An out-of-body experience

The broccoli tree

He doesn't need a glove.

Magic pet

Even Naomi Campbell would love to have such long legs.

The reflection on this bucket makes it look transparent.

Yogurt, a peach, and an apple


Zen cat

"I see a medium rare steak."

Just a flying duck

"Help me! My dog's melting!"

How cats see themselves:

If my car had an Instagram account...

Who are you?

Can you believe it's just a pillow?

Conspiracy in progress

Which photo puzzled you the most? Share your own best pictures in the comments.

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur, wearelatinlive
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