25 Designers Who Had One Job and Blew It

There are always people who don’t take their work seriously and believe in shortcuts even when there’s no room for it. And some of these designers’ “masterpieces” are so epic that you can’t help but wonder how on Earth they managed to fail in such a ridiculous way. Lucky for all of us, someone spotted these mistakes and now we can all see these examples of outstanding work and have a good laugh.

Bright side came across a few outstanding “oopsies” in design that will make you giggle. Let’s laugh together!

1. If you need sick leave, here’s the shortcut to a migraine.

2. For those who like to take risks:

3. 11 eggs...seriously?

4. Safe, yes. Fun? Not so sure...

5. Just imagine that you’re a kangaroo.

6. Nobody said that it would be easy.

7. For those who have nothing to hide:

8. The new challenge: count the steps on these stairs.

9. Physical challenge accepted!

10. Push-bike + drain = disaster

11. Safety? What safety?

12. “I wish I had no imagination.”

13. Next time, just remove them — surely it’s there for decoration.

14. That’s what a true open plan looks like.

15. The stairway to heaven has no easy entry.

16. Why you need to study science at school:

17. The space is allocated. Literally.

18. Mission impossible

19. “I’m an artist and that’s how I see it.”

20. Doors for true ninjas

21. “Somehow the building inspector didn’t find it as funny as I did.”

22. “A secret closet, 6 ft above ground and no stairs to get to it. I don’t even want to know what’s in it...”

23. Maintenance irony to the max

24. Have you employed your own students?

25. Someone must have really, really tiny hands.

Which of these photos made you laugh the most? Have you seen something that could be added to it? Please show it to us in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this with your family and friends for a bit of a laugh.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur
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