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25 Epic Construction Fails That Can Leave You Scratching Your Head

Some engineers and designers follow one rule: “I don’t care.” They create stairs that lead to a wall, put toilets in the most inappropriate places, and do many other crazy things.

Bright Side has collected the coolest photos showing design fails. We hope you’ll never come face-to-face with these masterpieces in real life.

25. When you renew your bathroom:

24. Does anyone use it?

23. Find the difference

22. When you don’t get enough fresh air:

21. “What are these green stickers for?”

20. Nailed it!

19. For those who are too fit to use the elevator

18. Bad coordination or bad survey?

17. Great view

16. Pedestrians have too many rights.

15. A hallway with obstacles

14. The shortest way

13. Your life is crossed out.

12. “Well, I fixed it.”

11. No, there’s no window.

10. Be careful! This doorstep is too high.

9. Convenient

8. Open the window if you can.

7. Survive.

6. Harry, the stairs are moving!

5. For those who want to feel an adrenaline rush.

4. How do you like this?

3. Try to call.

2. Stairs to nowhere

1. “What? My apartment is tiny!”

Have you ever seen such architecture fails? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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