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25 Facepalm Cases Where Designers Failed Dramatically

There are genius designers and marketers in our world, and they are ready to do anything to make an ordinary product look new or have a new function. However, there are some things we wish didn’t exist. But they do, and you can buy many of them on the internet.

Bright Side collected 25 things that will make you laugh out loud.

25. Clam Juice

24. Cool slippers

23. How do we unsee this?!

22. Sock Sandals

21. Stylus nose

20. Pasta in a bakery

19. Toilet seat with a scale

18. Socket light bulb holder

17. Cell phone holder

16. What kind of smell does the internet have?

15. Thong diapers

14. For those who really love minions

13. Crib Dribbler

12. Actual crocodile leather

11. Beer Mug With Bell

10. Say goodbye to toilet paper!

9. Bread loafers

8. Almond Cookie Body Wash

7. For those who want to drink coffee in the shower

6. Hairy swimsuit

5. Slippers for pets

4. For those who want to print with their feet

3. Foam rubber shelf for dishes

2. Grape Slicer

1. The Sleep Hood — for napping anywhere!

Which fails surprised you the most? Share in the comments!

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