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25 Grandparents Who Don’t Stop Surprising Their Grandchildren

Young people often think that life after retirement is boring. But we shouldn’t underestimate the older generation: they always have something we can learn, especially when it comes to humor. For example, do you know why you should put cat fur on trees or how many wigs it takes to always look stunning?

Bright Side has collected 25 photographs of grandparents who make our life more fun and interesting. Stay around until the end of the article for a bonus that proves it’s actually possible to change our age.

1. “All these years we thought Grandma only had one wig.”

2. “My grandma packs her own bacon because she feels like restaurants never put on enough of it.”

3. “My grandmother pins cat hair to trees so birds can make luxury nests.”

4. “My 78-year-old grandfather got his first tattoo!”

5. “My Italian grandma came into town. This is her suitcase.”

6. “I was looking through my grandparents’ basement the other day, and stumbled upon this. It’s 150 baby food jars that my grandpa saved and made into little storage compartments.”

7. An amazing breakfast

8. “I won a life-size Watto statue in a Phantom Menace contest but had to leave him at my Grandma’s when I joined the military 10 years ago. This is my ’monster’ in her guest room.”

9. “As my 98year-old grandpa saw the kids playing Drive Club VR, he also wanted to try. He never had a game controller in his hands so I had to drive the car. He was impressed.”

10. He will soon learn how special his “cow” really is!

11. When grandma knows what you like:

12. “My grandpa took this bottle out and said, ’I take these for my gambling addiction.’ ”

13. “This is my 84-year-old grandpa.”

14. “My grandpa is really proud of the mailbox that he built!”

15. “Loved having Grandma over for Thanksgiving. The dog was annoyed though.”

16. “When my Grandma found out that I liked Marvel.”

17. “My Grandpa in the zoo.”

18. “I gave my old sneakers to my grandma. I’m not even mad.”

19. “So, my grandmother broke her wrist and it healed but the doctor advised her to use it for recovery. So she made these and we handed them out to the kids in the hospital.”

20. “10 years ago, my grandparents agreed to take care of my cat while my family was away on vacation. I still haven’t gotten him back.”

21. “Found this on my grandmother’s counter.”

22. “My grandfather had these. He was told they were old contact lenses but I’m skeptical.”

23. “My grandfather’s answer to broken plastic hinges.”

24. “I was at my friend’s grandma’s house. She put a magazine cut-out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband’s face. It’s the 80+ year old’s version of photoshop.”

25. “My grandpa told my grandma he had some money hidden in a sock right before he passed away. This is what she found in the ’sock.’ ”

Bonus: 93 is the new 39.

How do your grandparents surprise you? Share your interesting stories in the comment section below!

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