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25 Grumpy and Ill-tempered Cats No One Wants To Mess With

Although we perceive cats as cute fluffy creatures we want to cuddle non-stop, some of them can be so irritable and ornery that no one would ever think about cuddling them. And it’s not just about their scary face or big teeth — even some bears are afraid of them.

Bright Side has found pictures of the grumpiest and the most crochety cats around. Do you think that the lion is rightfully considered the king of the beasts? We’re not so sure!

25. A cat from Denmark vs a cat from Russia after being saved from a fire

24. When you know that the only reason you need a human in the house is to make you more comfortable:

23. Real men don’t need cuddles.

22. The most reliable and responsible concierge is a catcierge.

21. The real Count Meowula looks like this.

20. “You want to brush your teeth? Well, there’s a sink in the kitchen.”

19. “You’re going nowhere!”

18. These humans from IKEA invent weird things.

17. “He likes watching Netflix with us. If we try to speak with each other, he likes to remind us to stay quiet.”

16. One second before the bite

15. When you’re a tough guy but still can’t refuse grandma’s love:

14. “I bathed my cats this morning and now they’re looking at me like this. Should I be worried?”

13. It’s a tender and caring animal. It’s just not in the mood right now.

12. “May the force be with you.”

11. “My relative left her Yorkie with me for a couple of days. It’s obvious what my cat thinks about it.”

10. “Don’t touch the baby!”

9. “I could kill you but who would feed me?”

8. “I’m not sure about what I’ve done yet...”

7. When you’re so tough and fluffy that you don’t care about problems with the central heating:

6. “I had an interview with my new girlfriend’s cat today.”

5. It looks like it has to work 2 shifts to provide for its family.

4. Evil doesn’t sleep. It thinks about what else it can mess with, all the time.

3. You can be gloomy in autumn since March isn’t coming any time soon...

2. When you’re so tough that even bears are scared of you:

1. “This is how my cat greeted me when I came home late at night.”

Do you have a cat? How grouchy is it on a scale of 1 to 10?

Preview photo credit the_goldenpony / Reddit
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