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25 Heavenly Times People Won the Jackpot at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a lot of fun: they help give back to the community, promote recycling, help you find hidden treasures and you just can’t beat their prices. Best of all, some people even find things that probably wouldn’t be donated if the owners knew better. According to one old legend, filmmakers bought a jacket from a second-hand shop for Frank Morgan to wear in The Wizard of Oz, only to learn it was owned by L. Frank Baum himself, the author of the original book. While the story has been debated over the years, there still have been people who found real surprises while looking at used goods.

We at Bright Side love a good deal, especially one that comes with a surprise, so we’re sharing some of the times thrift stores really gave back more for a buck. Don’t miss our bonus at the end of the article.

1. “It’s like I’m looking into a mirror...”

2. Hey, you gotta spend money to make money...

3. The best part is that it fits like a glove...

4. If only he wore a white undershirt...

5. If they weren’t voted prom King and Queen, there should be a recount!

6. The one thing better than a John Hancock is a thumbprint.

7. “My mom bought me a cane off some dude at a flea market. Little did she know...”

8. Black and blue? Gold and white? Now, you can be any color you want.

9. You gotta love how it’s the same color as his own shoe.

10. Yes, it’s real diamond... emerald... and gold... all for $1.

11. “Found Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here vinyl still in plastic wrap. It has the numbers on the record of the first pressing... for $1.”

12. There’s a whole new world inside this bamboo reed.

13. You’d think people would hold on to their awards...

14. Here is an entire picnic set completely unused. The best part is that the wine has aged to perfection.

15. Books are not the only things that can be autographed.

16. Who doesn’t want to have their own personal bowling alley?

17. On the bright side, we now have the plot to Toy Story 5.

18. What’s sadder? That people once had pet rocks or that they donated them?

19. When you can’t decide between a cowboy or an elf on Halloween...

20. With friends like this, life is always a party!

21. We can add hot air balloons to the list of things you can get at a thrift store.

22. Let’s just hope it was cleaned out first... or maybe not?

23. “The best $1.99 I ever spent in my life.”

24. Now we just need to find an Elvis impersonator.

25. It’s like it was made just for this house.

Bonus: The fun in thrift stores isn’t just in what they are selling.

Did you ever hit the jackpot at a local thrift store? What about flea markets and yard sales? Let us know!

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