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25 Hilarious Shots of People Trying to Sell Mirrors

Taking selfies or pictures in front of a mirror is nothing special nowadays. But what about pictures of just mirrors? Many people use all their imagination to stay invisible when taking such pictures.

Bright Side has collected some people's genius ideas proving that even if you don't know the law of reflection, you can use your reflection as a marketing hook. Let's see how it worked out.

1. Is that ghost the reason you're selling the mirror?

2. This guy knows how to sell things!

3. "All I'd be wondering is where he got his hair cut."

4. "Me when I don't fancy taking photos but my Instagram followers haven’t seen a pic of me in a month."

5. So close and yet, so far...

6. "Chillin' on my astroturf."

7. If you put the camera on a chair with a timer, you may not be seen.

8. This doggie for $10 is priceless!

9. A portal to another kitchen

10. What a perfect combo!

11. This mirror will bring you only success.

12. Buy all 4 mirrors and you'll get the entire body!

13. This treacherous door!

14. "Footo-shoot"!

15. Nailed it!

16. That moment when you're posing but they're not taking a photo of you...

17. Trying to sell this mirror to a perfectionist

18. Maybe he's selling his rear view mirror because he crashed his car and broke his neck?

19. A view of a superstitious person

20. A family effort

21. It looks like a cover for an EP.

22. Girls just want to have fun!

23. Betty Boop, before and after:

24. "I kinda still see you."

25. If you take a step to the side, you'll see how easy it is to take a photo of a mirror.

Which was your favorite way of selling a mirror? Tell us in the comments if you've ever sold a mirror and how you did it!

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