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25 Hilarious Times People Made No Apologies

There's a condition called OCD. People who have this condition often carry a perfectionist trait and like to do and check things repeatedly. Have you wondered ever if you have OCD or are a perfectionist?

Here at Bright Side, we like to do things repeatedly like making your day with our awesome articles! Take a look at the list of pics we've created for you to find out how big of a perfectionist you are.

1. We've all done it.

2. When you have a utility blade but you don't know what to do with it:

3. This toilet stall has an elevator inside of it.

4. "This door in North London makes me hideously uncomfortable."

5. What actual monster would do this?

6. This parking lot in Romania

7. "Held a Friendsgiving last night. I forgot I'm friends with wild animals."

8. Thankfully, they're not white.

9. Specifically to upset those with OCD...

10. Who eats butter like this?

11. "My OCD says, 'Throw it out, buy a new one.'"

12. A perfectionist won't even touch this.

13. This is how you serve your enemy.

14. "The level of dedication for this type of anarchy is just inspiring"

15. A real nightmare

16. "This guy's laptop on my flight is giving me stress."

17. This sink is out of sync.

18. Who eats like this?

19. "I took a ride in a triangular elevator today."

20. Somewhere in Stockholm

21. "My loaf of bread was sliced the wrong way."

22. "I don't think I have OCD but this is very annoying."

23. "Three sinks and five towel holders? In this order? Geez."

24. "You don't know me, knife."

25. Anarchist level: this Irish guy

Did these pics make you uncomfortable or not? Let us know in the comments and if you think these people should apologize for what they did, share your thoughts!

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