25 Hilariously Oversized Objects That Will Make You Feel Small

Megalophobia or the fear of large objects is one of many phobias people suffer from. Still, humankind has always been fascinated by huge objects around us and these man-made oversized things will certainly prove that they're not only mindblowing but can come in handy, as well.

Sometimes a regular version of things just isn't enough and only enlarged alternatives can save the day.

We at Bright Side have stumbled upon 25 giant objects that are not only hilarious, but they may actually come in handy at one point or another.

25. When you had to strike a special giant match:

24. When you got the wrong size:

23. When you like shower ducks a bit too much:

22. When you work with big numbers, you need a big calculator.

21. When a usual deck chair isn't enough:

20. When you desperately need your morning coffee:

19. When you decide to rise above it all:

18. When you move out of the shoe:

17. When you need a big break:

16. When you have the time and the lung capacity:

15. It's going to be hard to believe that we didn't start the fire...

14. King Size? How about Country Size?

13. They just keep getting bigger and bigger, don't they?

12. Careful, it's hot! Because it's the desert.

11. The Chip of all chips:

10. When you need everyone to sit down so you can do a head count:

9. For all those employees who try to slip out of the office unnoticed:

8. When you finally give up on your diet:

7. When your boss asks you to bring all of the chairs into the conference room ASAP.

6. When a clumsy giant does laundry:

5. This is a tough toy to lose...

4. Master of disguise:

3. When the trash can was ignored for too long:

2. When you can cook an entire meal with just one movement:

1. When you want just one tiny slice:

What did you think about these oversized objects? Do you have any in your home? Feel free to share with us!

Preview photo credit grabmenow/imgur
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