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25 Kids Who Look Like They’re Forty-Teen Years Old, and It’s Honestly Hilarious

When we were children, we wanted to look older, and in order to do this, we experimented with clothes and tried to copy the behavior of adults around us. But not everyone had such problems. Some people admit that they looked like they were 30 to 40 years old when they were children.

Bright Side has found 25 Internet users who weren’t too shy to share their funny old photos with the entire world.

1. “My friend was 12 going on 45.”

2. “Titanic, western and newscaster glamour shots: 1998 in a nutshell”

3. Only the braces give away that this is a teenager.

4. “Me at 12 years old after finding out that my grandbabies haven’t eaten yet.”

5. “In 1981, I looked like a 57-year-old bookkeeper.”

6. “My parents owned a restaurant and insisted on taking a picture of me before the Valentine’s Day dance.”

7. A 56-year-old triple-divorcé in the early ’90s or a 10-year-old who thought glamour shots were the height of sophistication and elegance? You decide.

8. “I thought this was the cool guy pose.”

9. “Imagine my horror upon finding out that my mother had this framed.”

10. “They didn’t call me ’triangle head’ for nothing.”

11. “I was maybe 13 in this photo — early 2000s...and I’m a girl...”

12. “My parents told me transition lenses were cool...I look like Elton John.”

13. “I’m 11 and I’m going to do your taxes.”

14. A serious politician? No, just a serious teenager...

15. “I had no idea hairdressers existed until high school. My mom cut my hair my whole life.”

16. “My 8th grade graduation. Looks like I just got my Master’s...”

17. “Looking like someone’s aunt who had 12 cats”

18. “My mom wanted a George Michael, but she had a daughter.”

19. No, this is not a teacher.

20. “It was tough being a 40-year-old church lady in the 6th grade.”

21. “My fiance handed me his passport from when he was 16.”

22. “Today I have had enough beers to finally post this photo from freshman year of high school.”

23. “Went into the 7th grade ready for retirement.”

24. “I was 8 going on 43, divorced, going for cheeky drinks with the girls after a long day at the office.”

25. “As a 10-year-old male, I was a 30-year-old female.”

We’re sure that all the people from this article look much better now. Do you know people who looked funny when they were young and then transformed? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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