25 Life Situations That Only “Lucky“ People Get Into

From time to time, everyone gets into funny situations that happen in everyday life and contradict the laws of logic. Such moments definitely should be photographed.

Bright Side presents a compilation of photos of people who believe in twists of fate.

And how do you want me to fight fire?

This street name is really suitable.

The tree had been growing just for this accident.

The luckiest smartphone landing!

Even destiny is against your diet when you find 3 cookies instead of one in a pack.

Ads lie.

On the way to a sports store...

A doubtful organization

"Save the trees," say hundreds of new postcards.

I feel absolutely unique.

High-level protection

When you're madly in love with your pedicure, you can't wait to show it to the world.

The parking service officers punished themselves.

Enter through the window.

Fortunately, she's got an umbrella.

Why am I dissatisfied with your job then, fortune cookie?

A reasonable name!

A princess always knows the secrets of being good looking.

When you pick a car to match the color of your dress:

Mornings suck.

It's time you washed your car.

4 strangers in similar T-shirts

No more corrections. It's perfect.

My tattoo came to life.

I choose Gryffindor!

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