25 Life Surprises No One Saw Coming

Even if your expectations have nothing in common with reality, don't get upset: life wouldn't be so interesting without surprises!

Bright Side collected several funny examples of times when nothing went as planned. We bet something like this has happened to you, hasn't it?

When the mother understands that her baby girl is not a baby girl anymore:

"On Saint Valentine's Day, my girlfriend decided to make me a surprise, ordered a heart-shaped pizza, and sent it to my job. This is what I got."

These cookies lost their charms.

"In fact, my daughter wanted a balloon in the shape of a chubby bear, not an overweight rabbit."

Morning jackpot!

"The posting said that the apartment had 'a private balcony.' Oh, cool! Facing the wall of the neighboring building!"

"Today my boyfriend accidentally broke an ear off a dog statue that was in his house for 12 years. It appeared that there was a smaller dog statue inside. I have a lot of questions."

"We bought a toy fridge for our daughter. Inside we found a minibar."

When the seller shows exactly what he sells:

"I ordered a Champion's sweater. I got this one, and it's definitely not Champion, but the logo is where it should be."

"I wanted a big teddy bear but got this weirdo with long legs."

"It's hard to be surprised when your friend is a taxidermist."

"I boiled an egg, and that's what I saw..."

"My friend decided to make a wool painting. I think the sky is awesome."

When you buy a big pizza for a small price:

"I bought a creative pot and got a lousy hat."

"I took the tickets to the front aisle seat, but it appeared we had very special guests in front of us."

"My colleague got a gift for her daughter."

"I ordered a pair of Chinese sneakers."

"Vandals broke into the operator's cab and discharged a dry powder extinguisher. Look how evenly they spread it all over!!"

When you leave a food bag for 5 minutes in Australia:

"My friend decided to make a cool new haircut."

"It's not the photograph that I wanted in my passport."

Halloween makeup: expectation and reality

"We had a common panic attack in the family when we got our blanket today."

Did you ever have an unexpected fail? Share your funny stories with us in the comments.

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