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25 Little Inventions That Make Huge Problems Disappear From Your Everyday Life

We have a lot of things in our lives that make everyday tasks easier. It’s hard to imagine a comfortable life without a microwave oven or a toilet brush even though the first microwave oven was invented a relatively short time ago. By the way, the popular monopod for selfies was invented by the Japanese back in 1985, and in 1994, it was on the list of the most useless inventions.

Bright Side makes your life easier by telling you about products for the home that Amazon buyers really liked. Of course, they’re not as useful as a kettle or a coffee machine, but they can still make you just a bit happier.

A brush for washing a dog’s paws

A non-slip pad for lights rugs

A container for lunch that you can use many times

A confidential stamp to protect your personal data

A portable handbag holder makes it so that you don’t have to put your bag on the floor all the time.

A bag dispenser eliminates the need for a bag full of plastic bags.

This thing allows you to throw a ball way further for your dog to chase.

Button extenders for clothes are for people who’ve gained some weight but are going to lose it again soon.

A disk that transforms into a bowl for feeding

A desktop mug warmer that can also be used to heat wax

An ingrown nail at-home treatment device

A holder for shampoo so you can always use all the shampoo left in the bottle

A glove to take care of pets’ fur

This houseplant sticky insect trap attracts and catches bugs.

A blind cleaner duster brush

A seat gap filler so your small things won’t fall all the time

Makeup remover cloths remove makeup very quickly without damaging the skin.

A dog selfie stick attracts dogs’ attention, giving you time to take a picture.

A stainless steel bracelet for rubber bands

A bed sheet holder

A cell phone holder

A magnetic bracelet for building and fixing tools

This scarf hanger can also be used for other accessories.

A soap holder that doesn’t collect water

A multifunctional toilet paper holder can also be used for mobile phones.

Choose one thing from this list that you would like to have at home and tell us what it is in the comment section below.

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