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25 Look-Twice Photos Where the Background Rocks

Sometimes the most interesting action happens behind people who are considered to be main characters. But these are inconspicuous characters who deserve our admiration and sincere laughter. Have you ever seen what animals or even kids do behind your back?

Bright Side has collected 25 photos where both glory and fame belong to the supporting characters in the background.

A cat attacking a human

You don’t know anything about jealousy until you’ve photobombed your older brother.

Convenient shoes are a must.

The matrix is broken.

When collecting mushrooms turns into hunting:

When you try not to look...

When not all family members are pleased:

The way wars begin

Each girl is a cat.

Batman has changed.

Your face when you’ve just washed your hands 50 times and they still smell like onions.

There’s always someone who can make your family photo better.

When you’ve missed out on the woman of your dreams:

“It’s behind me...isn’t it?”

What is he eating?

Because regular poses are boring.

This guy knows how to seduce.

When you just can’t believe your eyes:

A hunting predator

Probably the worst family photo ever

When your cat likes your new hair:

“My cousin, me, and my crazy brother in the background”

When you want your owner to take a picture of you:

What the heck is he doing?

The best guest ever

Bonus: This baseball team knows everything about pranking. Just look at them!

Which photo is the funniest? Do you have any pictures to add to this list? Let’s create a new compilation together!

Preview photo credit MetalOverlord87 / twitter
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