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25 Moms Who Can Really Rock

These photos will let you take a quick look at families of very different people with very different mothers. Every family has their own way of raising children, and all of them have a very good sense of humor!

Bright Side offers you a chance to see that even the most serious mothers love making jokes. And they know better than anyone else how to teach a kid or a pet something new.

When a teenage daughter asked her mother if she could stay out late, she sent her a meme she made herself.

“My mom just commented this on my cousin’s Facebook status...”

“My mom is trying to get the cat out of the tomato garden.”

“I am lucky to have a Korean mother. Otherwise, I would be so dirty.”

“My Jewish mother presented me with a painting for my housewarming.”


“My mother made a Facebook account, and this was her first message to me.”

My mom moved during a panorama. Troll face ensued.

I jokingly sent my mom a cutout of myself while I was studying abroad. She seems to be entertaining herself with it.

This guy shared the prom costume his mom made for him. It looks a little like a Dumb and Dumber cosplay.

“My mom always goes all out for Halloween.”

“My mom sent me a picture of her dinner. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t playing.”

“This gem is hanging in my mom’s hallway, reminding me every time I visit just how cringeworthy I was in 2005.”

His mother was tired of reminding him to take the trash out. She posted this photo online. Internet users also advised the guy to wash the wall and the floor.

“My mom dropped me off today for college freshman orientation, and she sent me this...”

“Tried to prank my mom. She just took a photo and went inside.”

“My dad and I (jokingly) told my mom we would leave the Apple Store only after she had taken a selfie on every single device... Next thing I know, her face is all over the store.”

“I pay for this boy to go to after-school clubs, and he makes crap like this.”

“My daughter is fascinated with beards, and my mother is talented at crochet.”

Another mother knitted a “sweater” for her daughter’s pet.

“My mom sent me an email yesterday with the subject ’She won the contest.’ This is what she sent...”

Mother of Dragons

“Mom said, ’Damn!’ in front of Santa. This was the reaction.”

“At age 5, I wanted to go into the photo booth alone. 22 years later, my mom showed me the results.”

This mother stole her son’s bike.

“Does this make me a bad mother?”

Did your moms do anything funny? Tell us your stories in the comment section below!

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