24 People That Changed Just One Thing About Their Look, and It Made a Huge Difference

In the 80s of the previous century, trendy women removed most of their eyebrows with tweezers. But this fashion trend is a thing of the past, and the trend of today is looking more natural. Still, some girls just can’t leave their eyebrows alone and try to make them look original, which undermines their entire look.

We at Bright Side really value the people who have a good sense of humor and who are ready to find their old photos and laugh at themselves. Here are some photos from these people.

1. “People used to call my eyebrows caterpillars”

2. “13 to 31 — lost the glasses, found some eyebrows.”

3. “I put this before and after together to show my weight loss (90 lbs), and realized that my eyebrows also greatly improved.”

4. “Before and after I was aware of my eyebrows... Or anything else for that matter...”

5. “Top picture is probably 6 years ago when I waxed and plucked, bottom picture is today.”

6. “It took 10 years, and I think I fixed them.”

7. Eyebrows really change the perception of the face.

8. “15 to 19! Around 16 I decided to fix my eyebrows and take care of my acne.”

9. “The power of transformation!”

10. “Some advice for you”

11. “Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me realize my brows were too far apart. Little transformation for you (I just stopped plucking for a few months).”

12. “I used to shave mine off and draw them back on.”

13. “A few years difference for me...”

14. “It took 2 years, but I’m doing a lot better with filling in my non-existent brows.”

15. “Casual at 19 vs Casual at 28. I don’t even know where to start...”

16. Before and after eyebrows! Such a difference!

17. “From a 16-year-old eyebrow-less mole rat to a 20-year-old reasonable-looking human being”

18. “12 to 31 — someone told me that eyebrows are apparently a thing. Who knew?!”

19. “This is really embarrassing to look at, but my brows 4 years ago (top) vs My brows today (bottom). Thank God my whole makeup routine and techniques have changed”

20. “I wanna submit my own eyebrow transformation again...”

21. “It still makes me cringe. 2016 vs 2019”

22. “I’m genuinely curious, which do you think is worse — the before or the after (microblading job)?”

23. “I think I’m doing a lot better now... 10 years apart”

24. “2016 to 2019, my eyebrow regrowth”

Bonus: The eyebrows of celebrities always change for the better over the years.

What do you do to take care of your eyebrows?

Preview photo credit LoVegan148 / reddit
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