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20+ People Who Are Testing Your Patience

Do you get annoyed by people who take up 2–3 seats on the train, leave a half-eaten banana in the fridge, or leave items they decided not to buy in the wrong place? Sometimes even the smallest thing about someone else’s behavior can make you laugh or make you furious.

Bright Side has collected 20+ photos of people who didn’t follow the rules.

“This must technically count. My aunt just took a screenshot.”

“The way Kanye is holding this computer...the most expensive thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

How can you carry a pizza like this?!

“Before today, I never thought I would see a sign so badly kerned that it made me physically ill to look at.”

“I work at a car wash. Today someone put an 80-lb bag of concrete mix into one of the small lined trashcans I have to empty.”

Great job!

“I bought a toolbox. I don’t have a special screwdriver to open it.”

How to take a few seats at once — a new with legs!

“Driving for miles like this...”

They failed to print out the video.

“My mother-in-law eats one bite of a new banana every morning and leaves the rest on the counter ’in case anyone wants one.’ ”

“No matter WHAT, there’s always a spoon directly underneath the faucet when I turn it on.”

“Nana asked me to fix her phone because ’the outside clock is always showing the wrong time.’ ”

“What are cassette tapes? My brother thought it was a docking station for his iPhone.”

“I work at an escape room. One of the customers decided to be a nuisance.”

“How hard is it to walk back to the produce section?”

“This store placed mannequins in all of their chairs so people can’t sit while their partners shop.”

“The way my friend holds a pencil. Does it make you mad too?”

“Does someone have a pen? I want to share this video.”

“My heart hurts for this person.”

Don’t believe everything they say.

This is how you take 5 parking spaces at once.

“The way my daughter opens cereal boxes...”

“The way the technician put the yearly maintenance stickers on my boiler...”

Have you ever been in a situation where someone annoyed you so much that you wanted to write a book about how to not be annoying? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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